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Hello, December.

Hello, December

Dear December,

Please be awesome.

Yours sincerely,

Yes, I guess it’s that magical time of the year again. For most of the people, December is most likely the month of holidays, the month of happiness, and of course, what goes best hand in hand with holidays and brings us happiness? Food. And lots of it. Anybody who visits their grandparents for holidays, most likely knows damn well what I’m talking about right here. My guess is, you are probably eating while you are reading this right now. Bon apetit, dear! Therefore, if I’d have to label every month with an attribute, like I did with December, I’d probably say that January must be the month of diet,  just because of all of the food you throw in yourself in the previous month. It’s also the time of the year, when we usually recieve our first package of real snow, which unlike the November one, this time actually stays on the floor for longer than just one afternoon, and I think that’s exactly the way it should be, ’cause hey, if it feels like Mother Russia, why not look as Russia as well. :)

The clouds filled with snow finally found our tiny little chicken shapped country a few days ago, and this time it was even more special, because it was Oscars first snow. Yeah, I forgot to mention that some things changed since I’ve last wrote a post here. Oscar is  a super cute Jack Russell Terier. A dog, yes. And if you’re wondering what was his first interaction with snow looked like, just imagine a hyperactive rabbit on LSD, just running and jumping and jumping and some more running. :D

I remember myself saying that the old city centre won’t be seeing me for at least a week or more after the Christmas lights are turned on, not because I hate Christmas, ‘cmon, I’m not the Grinch, but because it’s usually filled with so many people you can’t even walk in the direction you are willing to, but rather just go where everybody else is going (probably towards the hot wine?) However, due to extreme weather conditions (very cold and a blizzard), I figured there aren’t going to be as many tourists, so Maja and I decided to go anyways. With Nikon in my backpack, and mulled hot wine in hers and all that combined with a bunch of sweaters, coats, jackets and gloves on us, we were set and ready for a walk in the Alaska. Ah sorry, I meant to say Ljubljana. Also, apparently we weren’t so much ready, since it was still cold and wet quite soon, but who cares. ;) I didn’t take as many photos as I initally thought I will, again, due to the weather, but the pictures you see are the ones from that day.



Usually, people decide what they want to change in their life on the New Years Eve, but I guess it’s different this year, since people are already taking things in their hands and making the changes themselves – Protests in Ljubljana, way to go. (:

Anyways, I have a great feeling about how December is going to turn out this year….. WAIT! Isn’t the world supposed to end on December 21st?
Ah, who cares, The Hobbit will be released on December 13th anyways. :D