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Is less more?

I believe I don’t need to explain the title since everybody knows that phrase. The whole idea behind it is that generally, simplicity is more appreciated and better understood than complexity. That is for certain type of people of course. Usually I’m stuck somewhere in between, perhaps even a bit more leaned on the complex side, but it all comes down to the type of situation that find I myself in. What got me thinking about this in the first place? This shot.

I took this photo of Maja yesterday, just a few minutes before we went to bed. It was taken on the bed in fact. From a technical point of view, this photo is a total car crash. Since the lighting in the room was really bad, I had to use the higher ISO (that’s why it’s grainy) and furthermore, it’s not even sharp. Not sharp?! Anyone who knows me well would probably ask me “You out of all people, like an out of focus image?” Indeed, normally I’m obsessed with sharpness and overall image quality which is why I generally (if possible) rather use my tripod, so I don’t need the higher ISO or at least I fix it later on in post-production. So usually, I really wouldn’t label a shot like this as a “keeper”.

However, I love this photo. It is so god damn simple. But it’s not just the simplicity, but also the sentimental value that it represents to me. For me, it basically says everything about that girl and her personality. Notice the contrast between the playful child wanting to stay up late, while we can clearly see how obviously tired she is. We can’t really see her eyes either, so for what we know, she might as well be sleeping already.. which wouldn’t surprise me much ;)

Tell me, what is your perspective on “less is more”? Have you ever taken a shot like this?


Rain drops are falling on my head..


                                                         Don’t be angry with the rain. It simply doesn’t know how to fall upwards.