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“Dear Prague,..”


It is quite challenging to describe such a great, historical city with only a few words. But if I had to do it anyways, I would probably go with something like;
“Bernard, Kozel, Pilsner, Budvar, Krušovice and Staropramen.”
Hmmmm, wait… I only wrote down six Czech beer brands, didn’t I? Let me try that again. :)
Tall baroque buildings, cathedrals, restaurants, bridges, and finally, yes, beer. This is what Praha is all about. Oh, and apparently also masses of tiny, confused and inappropriately dressed Asian tourists, wandering the streets of Prague.

It’s been a while since Maja and I started planning our trip, and after several different options of various locations and types of transport, we finally settled for Prague and train. Indeed, as always, there were ups and downs, that were mostly related to the biggest rule we set: we travel cheap. Did we manage to follow it? Keep reading.

The first issue we encountered was before we even left Ljubljana, thanks to the justice system offered by our dear national railways. (please, note the incredibly obvious sarcasm). Why so much whining? I’m glad you asked!
The return ticket to Prague turned out to be double the price their website stated few weeks earlier, not to mention the fact that the lady at the window did not give us the return ticket from MB to LJ, which of course we paid for. Yes yes, I should’ve noticed that, but I didn’t. I guess my expectations for them to do their job were too high.
The pricier ticket did ruin the enthusiams a bit, but it didn’t stop us from visiting the land of beer. Luggage, check. Camera, check.  Booked our hostel on a January -50% discount, check!
Off we go!

After 11 hours and 3 different trains, we arrived at Hlavní Nádraží, the main railway station in Prague. Since it was the already in the evening, we didn’t have the time to do anything but to find our hostel – Clowns and Bard – located in Prague 3. (Probably meaning third closest area to the old city centre, but not really that case). Thanks to Maja’s orientation with a map, and my ability to type the name of the street in the Google Maps on the tablet we found the place shortly. I wish I took a photo of theentrance to the hostel, but I didn’t. It looked like one of those places you really don’t want to visit. A gray metal door, similar to the ones you usually see in the movies in the end of a long dark dead-end street in NY, where Russian mafia has their illegal poker room. It only had a sign that said “Ring here”. And so we did. The doors unlocked, we entered. Frankly, it wasn’t any better than the first impression I just described. The stairway led us to a basement filled with cigarrete smoke (reminder: Czech Republic does not have the law that prohibites smoking inside). We were received by the receptionist, who just finished a round of table soccer. Unusual. At least the price in hostel was accurate. Oh, wait.. IT WASN’T.
The 50% discount that the good sir at claimed isn’t calculated in the price displayed yet, actually was. So once again, we were faced with a situation where we had to pay twice the amount that we expected, only that this time we didn’t even have enough money to pay for it so we took a nervous walk downtown, searching for a free Wi-Fi. We found it, standing outside a fancy hotel, “Googling” a new, hopefully cheaper hostel while freezing our asses off. After a while, we found a so-called Chili Hostel for 4€ a night in Prague 1, meaning the old city center. We only stayed in the first hostel for one night and the room in Clowns wasn’t really heated either. It was freaking cold. Fortunately, this was the last bad thing in the trip. It was all uphill from here. :)
Soba1                                                              Snapshots of our room in Clowns and Bard where we stayed our first night

Knowing that we are staying only this one night we didn’t even unpack ourselves, because next morning we already on our way to new, hopefully better Chili Hostel. We took a metro to the other part of the city, I loved it. I’m sure I can speak in the name of every fellow citizen from Ljubljana, we want this! There is almost zero waiting, and mainly, it does not just happen to be 10 minutes late. Sound familiar? Yeah, me too. But shit like that doesn’t happen there. In addition, it’s a lot less complicated, since there are only 3 lines that cover pretty much the whole city and the prices are very affordable as well. We found the hostel, left our luggage and went for a walk, since the earliest check in was at 2pm. Only two blocks away, we found this interesting looking building.

Dancing Building                                                   The interesting building we found (The dancing house)

We followed the Vltava river and eventually came to the famous Charles Bridge (Karlův most). The bridge is filled with tourists, artists and people rubbing the statues. I’m not really sure what’s the point to touch the polished part of the statue is, although I think it’s supposed to bring you good luck. I touched it and felt ridicolous doing it. It was also snowing for the first two days, so the Prague castle (Hradčany) couldn’t be seen from the bridge, but one of the images below is going to have the castle in it, because it was taken later on. Photos time!Charles Bridge finalSIGN

Karlov Most2SIGN

Charles Bridge BWSIGN

Karlov Most1SIGN


                                                                                  Homeless man and his dog.

From the Charles Bridge, Maja took me to see huge creepy babies with no faces. I know, what the actual f***. So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… This!
creepybabies1SIGNTiming was right to go check out our new hostel which thankfuly happened to be a lot warmer, better AND cheaper. Yeeeah! For lunch, we tried searching for an affordable traditional Czech restaurant, because we were in Czech Republic after all, but our paths led us differently so we ended up in a Thai restaurant, and believe me when I say it, I do not regret the turn of events. The meal was delicious! Maja had a chicken soup with noodles, while I had rissoto with shrimps. I know, rissoto AND shrimps. Awesome. The next day, we took a trip to the Old Town Square and the Prague castle. On the Square, we were able to see the famous astronomical clock everybody is talking about. As an astronomical clock enthusiast, I have to say the clock is nice. Honestly, the way I see it, it’s just a complicated clock on a wall.  Here are some shots, no clock photos though.
glavni trgSIGN                                Old town square (Staromestske namesti) and Church of Our Lady before Týn in the background
Hradzany Inside(withmark)                                                                                           Inside the St. Vitus Cathedral, which is inside the Prague Castle
Since I’ve already told you what we ate the day before, I might as well do it for everyday, and make this whole thing a “Where and what was Klemen eating?” kind of post. We decided to eat cheaper that day, because we wanted to go to “Sushi all you can eat restaurant” on the last day, which costs more than our usual meal so we found an Italian restaurant. We both had spaghetti and it cost about 100CZK per person, which is around 4€ or something like that. Cheap! But we didn’t want to live too healthy for ever, so we had an American style dinner in KFC later on. Seriously Ljubljana, what’s with all the Mcdonald’s, when this is so much better? :)

The last day we went the remaining, for us less important places we hadn’t seen yet, like the Jewish Quarter and a small hill above Prague, where I needed to take a photo that you’re going to see below from. By the way, the stories about the Jews being rich aren’t fictional, I counted 7 Porsches and 3 Bentleys in only one alley, while other cars weren’t Clios either. Of course, the stores also changed from Žabka and Billa (Grocery stores) to Prada and D&G. Otherwise, there was nothing really interesting about the Jewish Quarter, but hey, maybe that’s just me. After I took my shots from the hill, we were ready to go eat but my dear tripod wouldn’t close, so I had to carry it around town for the rest of the day and the next day on the train. Below, a shot from the hill.


Now it was finaly the time for all you can eat lunch, and yes, we did “eat it all”. :D We could barely walk afterwards, thanks to all the sushi, soups, meat and fruit. Besides the Chinese and Japanese food, they also had a few Korean dishes, although they appeared to be quite spicy, but it still got Maja excited. The last “tourist thing” we did in Prague was the search for the Lennon Wall, which we did not find the first day. To be honest, we weren’t really successful at finding it this time either. Thanks to the tip from the  tour guide on segway we found it later on. Yeah, they even have tours on Segways, it’s hilarious. The wall is not amazing really, but whatever, it is a wall with Lennon on it, so I’ll give it the credit. :) DSC_1403SIGN We caught our train home the next day, and thanks to the lady that didn’t give us the return ticket from MB-LJ (lame), we had to find ourselves a cheaper ride back home from Maribor. While waiting for the Austrian train in Wien railway station, we used and found 3 guys who were going to a party in LJ. Guys, you’re probably not reading this, but nevertheless, thanks again! :)

Soooooo, to sum it up… Comfortable, cheap life and less than a euro for a beer? I’m pretty sure I could get used to that. ;)

DSC_1381                                                             La vita e bella store in Prague, nice!


Wakeboard Camp 2012, Pag

What’s up?
Wakeboard Camp on Ski Lift Pag. Yeah, that’s what’s up!!

Before I start with everything else, the first thing I want to say is that the joke is on you! Yes, you, because you weren’t one of the more than 20 unique individuals who were there with me on the camp this week, and believe me when I say it, it was pretty damn awesome. :)

I’m not going to describe every day by day, even though I initially wanted to, but that would take me to long, and it would take you quite a while to read it as well, so I’m just going to shortly sum up the best of it. :)

So yeah, I was spending the last week on a some sort of pre-season break on the Ski Lift Pag, where the 2012 Wakeboard Camp took place. I was pretty hyped a while ago when I first found out about the camp and needless to say, the affordable price and love for wakeboarding itself made me sign up for it immediately. The waiting for the camp afterwards was quite hard, because the camp was first time on the water for me this year, but it was worth it and the timing was just right. This time, I’m also really really glad that the meteorologists were wrong, since their predictions also included rainy days during the week, but the whole camp turned out to be sunny and warm the whole time, only a bit windy perhaps from time to time but no biggie.

We left Ljubljana towards the paradise in a camper on Saturday night in the early hours, so we would be on the island a few hours before the Ski Lift opens, but we weren’t even the first ones to be there. I slept pretty much the whole trip from the Slovenian border and woke up already boarding on the ferry. I tell you people, travelling horizontally is the best. :D
We started riding the same day and it was just great to be back on the water again. Slowly, the rest of the crew began arriving on the lift as well, and till the end of the day, we were all set and ready for the opening party that we threw in the apartment later on that evening. Perhaps, if you’re wondering right now, how can so many people have a party in an apartment, you just should’ve seen how big the apartments are. Or wait, I have a shot of it, but keep in mind that I would need a wide angle to really get the whole place on the picture.

Our riding skills were quite different, some have already been riding before while some of them signed up for the camp with zero wakeboarding experience, but till the end of the week, we all made a progress and that’s what the camp was all about.
According to the progress the riders made during the camp, the last day, the Ski Lift awarded 2 best riders, who learned the most through the week with a free 7 days ticket to be used at any time they want to, while I got a weekly ticket for helping in organization etc.

Anyways, we did a whole lot of riding and tested out the objects on the water as well as we had the “dry training” and a rope tied to a fence for the enthusiasts who want something more than just the regular riding on the water. Later on we finished off every night differently, sometimes with a good old party, other times with a table tennis session downstairs or a poker night for icecream, or even a nice relaxing dinner with fish and coach Aljoša on the piano. We also had a private hairdresser with us, so in case your hair was too long, Iztok took care of that as well.
I think I can speak in the name of every single participant, that the camp was super fun and a very unique experience that nobody regrets, and so I’ll be just finishing with a few photos from the camp, so enjoy. :)

Oh and P.S.: An information from the inside says that there is probably going to another camp this September again, so this time, I’m expecting YOU to be there with us, regardless of your history with wakeboarding, because believe my words, you’ll love it.

See you there!

Super Vingtar and Blejski Moon!

And just when you thought I already gave up with my blogging project, here I am. :P

Last week, me and my friend Sara decided we should take a road trip and go see one of our country’s diamonds, the Blejski Vintgar. Perhaps you’ve already heard of it, specially if you’re from Slovenia but for those who haven’t, a vintgar is some sort of a smaller canyon and obviously Blejski Vintgar is located somewhere near Bled.

Most of the times, when me and my friends decide to take a road trip somewhere it takes for ages just “talking about it” and planning the whole situation and honestly, it mostly doesn’t even end up with actually doing it. Yes, it is partly my fault, because I don’t have my own car. Okay yes, I don’t even have my drivers licence yet. But I’ll have it, someday. I will.
Anyways, this time me and Sara made it happen, damn right we did. We decided to put our deadline on last friday and we took of early in the morning. Hmmm, now that I think back once again, it wasn’t that early really. Sara, who lives on the seaside of Slovenia, which is about an hour from Ljubljana, was supposed to be at my place at nine, but she was still sleeping at that time because “her phone wasn’t working” she said. Well, I won’t go on and criticize her anymore, cause she’s really dear and she’s the one that made it happen, I couldn’t really get there without her.
So yeah, she’s great. :P

Back to our trip. When we arrived at the parking place, first thing I noticed was how colder it was there, and that my summer outfit really wasn’t the best idea. :D We bought our tickets and slowly started discovering the canyon. I’d rather not describe what the vintgar looks like, because a good picture is worth more than a 1000 words… Or at least so they say. ;)

I also had the GPS with me, and because you people read my blog all the time, you now already know why I had it with me. Riiiiight? :P
If your answer was: “so we wouldn’t get lost”, you’re not that far from the truth actually, because honestly I did check the situation from a time to time, but of course the primary reason was to search for geocaches. As any other beautiful place in the world, the vintgar has its 2 caches as well, and as much as I’d love to say we found them both, unfortunately I can’t. We didn’t find any of them actually. :D And before you start judging me, I really tried and I even had some help a bit later from an older Polish woman that was just watching me at first (which was kind of awkward and creepy) but later on asked me: “Did you find it? Because I didn’t!” I was relieved that I’m not the only retard that can’t find a cache whose complexity is rated 1,5 out of 5, but when she told me she was still a beginner, I wasn’t that relieved anymore. :D We gave up pretty soon and tried our luck at the second cache that was located behind the ticket house. Nope, didn’t find that one either. Sara did find a way how to get inside the vintgar without buying a ticket though. Pretty awesome, huh? :D This time we paid, but next time we’re totally going in for free! :P

The next was the “Super Moon” day. I don’t exactly know why and how, all I know is that the moon was about 50.000 kilometers closer to the earth than usual, which resulted in a visually 14% bigger moon. It’s a situation that happens every 30 years I think. Okay.. Is it just me, or is it really every single year, that we happen to witness a phenomenon that is supposed happen every half a century? We must really be lucky, huh? :P
Nevertheless, I like these kinds of situations, because it goes hand in hand together with one of my hobbies, photography. You can already know when you hear of a appearance like this, that there are going to be photographers everywhere waiting for the moon to rise and try to get the best photo they can. And so was I. I was waiting at the Ljubljansko Barje pricesly at 19:47, the time that all the websites claimed the moon was supposed to rise in Slovenia. Funny thing that I realised when I started unpacking my gear was, that I really had no idea where the moon rises. I still don’t. :D With my Nikon and everything set and ready to rock, I waited and waited, but by the time it was like 20:30 or something like that, I still haven’t seen even a single glance of the moon, because the sky was full of dark grey clouds. That sucked and I was really pissed. I packed my gear and went home sort of disapointed, but there was nothing I could have really done. However, I finaly got lucky later at home when I had my few epic seconds of “clean space” between two clouds and the moon just happened to be there, so I took just one shot of it and ladies and gentlemen, here it is.

I’m leaving you with a simple advice tonight,
Always aim for the moon. If you miss it, you may hit a star. ;)

Geocaching day? Okay! :)

Today’s post is going to be a little bit more informative, cause I really just like you to go outside and live your childhood dream.
What dream? To be a pirate and hunt for treasures, because that’s what this is all about! :D

Geocaching. First off, what is Geocaching?
For those of you, who haven’t heard of it, it’s an awesome adventure outdoor game, played world wide by millions of GPS device users, who want just a little more than just the normal hiking in the nature. The player’s mission is by using a GPS and given coordinates to locate and find the hidden container (a box of different shapes) in which is stored a log book, where you sign your visit at the container. Still following me? :P Okay, lets move on. Inside the bigger containers, you also usualy find some random stuff people dropped like key chains, smaller toys and similar items, and in case that you want to take any of it out, the main rule is that you also have to leave something behind and keep the trade ratio atleast at 1:1, which is kind of fair, isn’t it? Later, when you get home or get internet connection somewhere else, you sign your successful (or unsuccessful :D ) hunt on the offical website – – and you can also give some positive comments or criticize the container and the location itself. The containers are hidden by the players as well, you can hide it anywhere you want to, as long as you don’t put it in an inappropriate place like private property and get your fellow treasure hunters killed by the angry neighbour who just happens to have a rifle and really doesn’t like people sneeking on his frontyard. I got to say, at first it’s really just about exploring nature and getting to know the game and so, but later on, the number of your found geocaches becomes really importaint to you and it suddenly sort of turns into a competition of some kind, even more if you personally know some of the players in real life either from before, or you even met them on mutual geohunt.

But enough with the rules right? You can totally look them up yourself on the website I linked above, perhaps you’ll even like it. ;)

So, did I just suddenly decide that we should talk about geocaching? Of course not. It all started this morning, when my family and I decided we would have a day for geocaching, because we’ve been inactive for some time and we needed to make up for the loss and keep our average above the magic “1 per day” line. Perhaps it sounds simple to find just one geocache each day, but believe me, it really isn’t. Just imagine how many days do you come home from your job or school and still have dozen things to do and when you’re done you realize it’s suddenly nighttime. Ooops? Yep, it ain’t easy at all, that’s why we take these kinds of “geocaching days” and find more than just one, like 10 in a day, and make up for the days we didn’t play at all. Don’t get me wrong, although it’s a really fun game to play, I usually do not participate in geocaching, it’s my family that’s the main team, I’m more of “mental support team” if I may call that myself. Actually, I’m just lazy. :D By the way, we’ve found total of 696 geocaches in our caching history, which has been about for two years or so. If this sounds alot, let me tell you there are psycho competitive players (mostly in the United States) that have 10.000+ found geocaches and have average of 30+ a day. I’m not really sure how the hell they do that, but apparently they do.
Anyways, we took off pretty early and headed for the southern part of Slovenia, precisely Višnja Gora, where we started our geohunt.
When we stepped outside the car and started to head towards the forest, we were pleasently welcomed by a friendly sign that looked like this:

For the international readers, who can’t speak our language (you’re AWESOME, but shame on you!), the sign says “Bear territory”… cute huh? :D Luckily though, we didn’t meet any of them.

Anyways, I just ignored the sign and bravely, full of energy and selfesteem wondered into the forest to get our first cache today, just like Frodo Bagins did when he destroyed the ring in Mordor. Just because I’m so experienced and awesome and other epic stuff, I found the geocache in no longer but one minute, its just too easy. Hahaha, I’m just kiddin’ you, I wasn’t even there yet, to be honest, me and my little bro were still creeped out by the bear sign that’s practicly yelling at you “Dude, you’re freaking gonna DIE in this forest.”
After we found it, we signed in and went for the next cache and so on and on, until we picked up the last one on the hill, which was the 8th this day. We had some smaller issues with the last once, since it was practically on a private property. (the thing you MUSTN’T do that we talked about before). In our favor, the lady did not own a shotgun. Like 8 in a day wasn’t enough, in the evening, me and my father went for another one here in Ljubljana, on a railway (see pictures below). ;)
Following up, some geocaching images from today, pay attention to the typical hidding places and some different cache sizes (and types – magnetic). Enjoy!

And now that you know everything about geocaching tell me,

What are you waiting for?
What is your geocaching username?