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Mi2 & Elvis Jackson

Recently, I shot these two Slovenian bands on their concerts and since I don’t have much to say and would rather let the pictures speak for themselves, I decided I wouldn’t post them separate posts but rather together as a gallery. Cheers!

Elvis Jackson:


Elvis Jackson 2





Elvis Jackson 1












Ljubljana, the capital of… Ireland?

Tuesday, June 5th. The day I’ve been waiting for ever since I heard that THEY are coming to Ljubljana for the first time. Who is coming? Well, Dropkick Murphys, of course, ddddd! :P For those who haven’t heard of them, the Dropkicks are an Irish-American folk punk rock band from Boston, who have been around for long and successful 16 years. They consist of 6 active members, of which only Ken Casey, the bass guitarist and vocalist, is an original member of the crew that formed the band back in ’96. But you can look all of the info up on the Wikipedia, I’m going to focus more on the concert itself.

Me and Lea arrived at Kino Šiška about an hour early, nevertheless, the parking place in front and the bar were already crouded with fans wearing band shirts from the previous concerts, while some of the “hardcore” fans even took the look to a whole new level by wearing irish green kilts. Also, unlike the last jazz concert report that I wrote, where I told you that the people were mainly drinking wine, this time, all you could see everywhere around you were people drinking beer, specially Dublin’s well-known Guinness Draught. For a brief moment you could almost forget that you’re in Slovenia, not Ireland. ;)

Opening show was performed by the Parkington Sisters, a band of 5 sisters (this time performing only 4), who are touring with the Dropkicks in Europe for the first time and also play during their show later in the background as their melody in the back as well. They prepared the public for the main act really well and heated the atmosphere with folk/country sounds, playing their original songs as well as some known covers that public could sing along like “Dirty Old Town”, which is most known performed by The Dubliners. They finished off thoughtfully with a song that probably everybody knew… The Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. :) Just for an “intermezzo”, the guitarist Rose, who you can see on pictures below shaved her head for charity a week ago, when perfoming on the Rock AM Ring Festival in Germany to show her support for cancer.

Everything was ready and set for the Dropkick Murphys, and when they did come on stage, the public went wild. The set-list was quite long and it mostly consisted of their most famous songs like “Going out in Style”, “Irish Rover”, “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya” and others. The lead vocalist Al Barr praised the public’s feedback after the first song with something like: “Can someone tell my why haven’t we played in Slovenia before? You guys are awesome!!”. The show kept on going strongly for the whole time, except for a few acoustic songs, just to let the people relax and breathe for a few moments and just enjoy the pure beauty of Irish folk songs, but not too long though, because right after that, it was punk rock to the fullest again. The band did not refuse fans from getting on the stage, Al even let a fan to sing along. Stage diving was not a rarity either, people kept on climbing on the stage and jumping off it, and just let themselves surf on the hands of public throughout the hall. If I had to judge by their facial expressions, I’d say the feeling was probably more than just great. Their serie of original songs ended with “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” which is most known for its appearance in the Martin Scorsese’s movie called “The Departed” that was awarded with 4 Oscars. (I did not even need to use google to know that, take that! :P). They played two more additional songs and dedicated the first one to the ladies and asked them to join them on stage. It didn’t even take 5 minutes and the stage was full with women joyfully singing along. The band didn’t want to let the men down either, so Al Barr asked everybody to climb on the stage for the last song and “test the quality of the stage” that Kino Šiška has to offer, and the song was “TNT” by AC/DC.

I can say that we all hope they’ll be back in Slovenia in the future, but until then, next stop… Flogging Molly in Ljubljana in September!
See you there!