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Wakeboard Camp 2012, Pag

What’s up?
Wakeboard Camp on Ski Lift Pag. Yeah, that’s what’s up!!

Before I start with everything else, the first thing I want to say is that the joke is on you! Yes, you, because you weren’t one of the more than 20 unique individuals who were there with me on the camp this week, and believe me when I say it, it was pretty damn awesome. :)

I’m not going to describe every day by day, even though I initially wanted to, but that would take me to long, and it would take you quite a while to read it as well, so I’m just going to shortly sum up the best of it. :)

So yeah, I was spending the last week on a some sort of pre-season break on the Ski Lift Pag, where the 2012 Wakeboard Camp took place. I was pretty hyped a while ago when I first found out about the camp and needless to say, the affordable price and love for wakeboarding itself made me sign up for it immediately. The waiting for the camp afterwards was quite hard, because the camp was first time on the water for me this year, but it was worth it and the timing was just right. This time, I’m also really really glad that the meteorologists were wrong, since their predictions also included rainy days during the week, but the whole camp turned out to be sunny and warm the whole time, only a bit windy perhaps from time to time but no biggie.

We left Ljubljana towards the paradise in a camper on Saturday night in the early hours, so we would be on the island a few hours before the Ski Lift opens, but we weren’t even the first ones to be there. I slept pretty much the whole trip from the Slovenian border and woke up already boarding on the ferry. I tell you people, travelling horizontally is the best. :D
We started riding the same day and it was just great to be back on the water again. Slowly, the rest of the crew began arriving on the lift as well, and till the end of the day, we were all set and ready for the opening party that we threw in the apartment later on that evening. Perhaps, if you’re wondering right now, how can so many people have a party in an apartment, you just should’ve seen how big the apartments are. Or wait, I have a shot of it, but keep in mind that I would need a wide angle to really get the whole place on the picture.

Our riding skills were quite different, some have already been riding before while some of them signed up for the camp with zero wakeboarding experience, but till the end of the week, we all made a progress and that’s what the camp was all about.
According to the progress the riders made during the camp, the last day, the Ski Lift awarded 2 best riders, who learned the most through the week with a free 7 days ticket to be used at any time they want to, while I got a weekly ticket for helping in organization etc.

Anyways, we did a whole lot of riding and tested out the objects on the water as well as we had the “dry training” and a rope tied to a fence for the enthusiasts who want something more than just the regular riding on the water. Later on we finished off every night differently, sometimes with a good old party, other times with a table tennis session downstairs or a poker night for icecream, or even a nice relaxing dinner with fish and coach Aljoša on the piano. We also had a private hairdresser with us, so in case your hair was too long, Iztok took care of that as well.
I think I can speak in the name of every single participant, that the camp was super fun and a very unique experience that nobody regrets, and so I’ll be just finishing with a few photos from the camp, so enjoy. :)

Oh and P.S.: An information from the inside says that there is probably going to another camp this September again, so this time, I’m expecting YOU to be there with us, regardless of your history with wakeboarding, because believe my words, you’ll love it.

See you there!


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