life is beautiful :)

A field of dreams?

After I’ve seen a gazillion of daffodils on a picture that a friend of mine posted on facebook, I decided I need to see them in person as well. By the way, daffodils are flowers that are called narcise in Slovene. Oh and yes, I know gaziliion is not a real number, but it really sounds alot. :D

Traditionally, May is the month of daffodils in Jesenice or more precisely on Golica, which is a hill above it. The whole town lives in sign of the flowers for the whole month and you can see stickers and graffiti everywhere, they even select the Miss od Daffodils. :D The way I look at it, it’s a real contrast or even jin jang for a town like Jesenice, which are most known for being one of the biggest and most known iron sites in Slovenia and that gave them a sort of a “gray feeling”, so I think a month of flowers is a really positive thing. But don’t be mistaken, even though they call it “the month of daffodils”, in fact you can only see most of them just for a few days in the month, so when I saw the picture, I knew I had no more than two or three days until they’re gone. I was still a bit too late though, lots of them were dead already. Still, it was a nice day. :)

Oh, and a little reminder for all of you to remember,

I won’t translate it literally, because it wouldn’t sound as good, but it’s a wonderful warning to leave the flowers where they belong. In nature.


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