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Geocaching day? Okay! :)

Today’s post is going to be a little bit more informative, cause I really just like you to go outside and live your childhood dream.
What dream? To be a pirate and hunt for treasures, because that’s what this is all about! :D

Geocaching. First off, what is Geocaching?
For those of you, who haven’t heard of it, it’s an awesome adventure outdoor game, played world wide by millions of GPS device users, who want just a little more than just the normal hiking in the nature. The player’s mission is by using a GPS and given coordinates to locate and find the hidden container (a box of different shapes) in which is stored a log book, where you sign your visit at the container. Still following me? :P Okay, lets move on. Inside the bigger containers, you also usualy find some random stuff people dropped like key chains, smaller toys and similar items, and in case that you want to take any of it out, the main rule is that you also have to leave something behind and keep the trade ratio atleast at 1:1, which is kind of fair, isn’t it? Later, when you get home or get internet connection somewhere else, you sign your successful (or unsuccessful :D ) hunt on the offical website – – and you can also give some positive comments or criticize the container and the location itself. The containers are hidden by the players as well, you can hide it anywhere you want to, as long as you don’t put it in an inappropriate place like private property and get your fellow treasure hunters killed by the angry neighbour who just happens to have a rifle and really doesn’t like people sneeking on his frontyard. I got to say, at first it’s really just about exploring nature and getting to know the game and so, but later on, the number of your found geocaches becomes really importaint to you and it suddenly sort of turns into a competition of some kind, even more if you personally know some of the players in real life either from before, or you even met them on mutual geohunt.

But enough with the rules right? You can totally look them up yourself on the website I linked above, perhaps you’ll even like it. ;)

So, did I just suddenly decide that we should talk about geocaching? Of course not. It all started this morning, when my family and I decided we would have a day for geocaching, because we’ve been inactive for some time and we needed to make up for the loss and keep our average above the magic “1 per day” line. Perhaps it sounds simple to find just one geocache each day, but believe me, it really isn’t. Just imagine how many days do you come home from your job or school and still have dozen things to do and when you’re done you realize it’s suddenly nighttime. Ooops? Yep, it ain’t easy at all, that’s why we take these kinds of “geocaching days” and find more than just one, like 10 in a day, and make up for the days we didn’t play at all. Don’t get me wrong, although it’s a really fun game to play, I usually do not participate in geocaching, it’s my family that’s the main team, I’m more of “mental support team” if I may call that myself. Actually, I’m just lazy. :D By the way, we’ve found total of 696 geocaches in our caching history, which has been about for two years or so. If this sounds alot, let me tell you there are psycho competitive players (mostly in the United States) that have 10.000+ found geocaches and have average of 30+ a day. I’m not really sure how the hell they do that, but apparently they do.
Anyways, we took off pretty early and headed for the southern part of Slovenia, precisely Višnja Gora, where we started our geohunt.
When we stepped outside the car and started to head towards the forest, we were pleasently welcomed by a friendly sign that looked like this:

For the international readers, who can’t speak our language (you’re AWESOME, but shame on you!), the sign says “Bear territory”… cute huh? :D Luckily though, we didn’t meet any of them.

Anyways, I just ignored the sign and bravely, full of energy and selfesteem wondered into the forest to get our first cache today, just like Frodo Bagins did when he destroyed the ring in Mordor. Just because I’m so experienced and awesome and other epic stuff, I found the geocache in no longer but one minute, its just too easy. Hahaha, I’m just kiddin’ you, I wasn’t even there yet, to be honest, me and my little bro were still creeped out by the bear sign that’s practicly yelling at you “Dude, you’re freaking gonna DIE in this forest.”
After we found it, we signed in and went for the next cache and so on and on, until we picked up the last one on the hill, which was the 8th this day. We had some smaller issues with the last once, since it was practically on a private property. (the thing you MUSTN’T do that we talked about before). In our favor, the lady did not own a shotgun. Like 8 in a day wasn’t enough, in the evening, me and my father went for another one here in Ljubljana, on a railway (see pictures below). ;)
Following up, some geocaching images from today, pay attention to the typical hidding places and some different cache sizes (and types – magnetic). Enjoy!

And now that you know everything about geocaching tell me,

What are you waiting for?
What is your geocaching username?


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  1. petar lovac

    Dude! You are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!

    May 3, 2012 at 13:14

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